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Editors' Picks: Beer! A Love Story

We missed traveling, we missed going to bars, and we missed going to the movies. We even missed traveling to bars to watch screenings of geeky beer-documentary movies that really don’t speak to anyone else except those of us who already love those things.

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Recipe: Old Wagon Train American-Style Barleywine

When it comes to barleywine, the American way is to balance all that rich malt and alcoholic warmth with a bracing dose of hops. Here’s a partial-mash extract recipe for one you can drink fresh or lay down for months.

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Podcast Episode 192: Burke-Gilman Brewing is Your Friendly Neighborhood Alpha King Winner

Cofounder Kenneth Trease, head brewer Phil Pesheck, and brewer Julia Astrid Davis of Seattle’s Burke-Gilman discuss their calculated approach to hoppy beers, and how they extend their welcome by brewing and embracing diverse styles.

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Food-Grade Lubricants: Keep Machines Running, Keep Your Beer Safe

Quality food-grade lubricants are essential in a brewery for equipment maintenance, food safety, optimal production speed—and for peace of mind.

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Video Tip: How to Ensure a Successful Hard Seltzer Fermentation

Yeast love to eat sugar, and a sugar wash has it—but unlike wort, it doesn’t have the nutrients that yeast need to grow. In this video tip, Chris Colby walks us through the necessary additions as well as the options on what yeast strain to use.

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